1. Support Groups

NAMI Support Groups

NAMI support groups provide a confidential, safe place to share your stories, struggles and successes with mental health issues and receive encouragement and understanding. All groups are held free of charge and held on a drop-in basis.

NAMI Connections Support Group every Thursday at 7pm – 8:15.  

Outreach Center

This support group meets every Thursday from 7:00-8:30pm at the First United Methodist Church Outreach Center located at the intersection of Harrison Ave. and West Main St. across from the Lazy Hiker.  This group is for anyone suffering mental illness and family/ friends of a loved one challenged by mental illness. This includes Depression, Bipolar, Schizophrenia, PTSD, BPD, Substance Use Disorder, and others.

Here you will find others living with mental health challenges and that you are not alone, learn coping skills and find hope in shared experience, and how to live life with the expectation of a better future.

Information: Kay 706 970-9987/ Denise 828 347-5000.

NAMI Family Support Group every 2nd Thursday at 7pm 
NAMI Family Support Group is for the family members/caregivers and friends of those living with a mental illness.

Graduates of the Family to Family Support class of '15
Graduates of the Family to Family Support class of ’15


 Family Support Group meets monthly on the SECOND Tuesday of each month at the Outreach Center at 7p.m.

For more information: Matt (828) 349-9252 email: matt@hughtes.net
Ann (828) 369-7385 email: anl@dnet.net.

NAMI Connections Haywood

NAMI Connections meets every 1st Thursday of each month at 6:30pm in the 2nd floor classroom at Haywood Regional Medical Center.

For more information contact:
Mary Ann: (828) 779-1923

Connection and Family Support Groups Asheville
Both Connection and Family Groups meet on the first Saturdays at 10:00am and the third Tuesdays at 6pm. Connection also meets on the second and fourth Mondays at 11am. Support groups meet at:
356 Biltmore Ave. (upper level)
Asheville, NC 28801


Tell Your Story

It’s important for people living with mental health conditions to know that they are not alone.

Sharing a story about your personal experiences with mental health challenges can help in your own recovery as well as provide encouragement and support to others with similar experiences.

Telling your story can take several forms:

Song Lyrics/Music
Inspirational quotes

NAMI offers two safe, moderated spaces for sharing stories and creative expression:

You Are Not Alone

OK 2 Talk

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